TIBCO Formvine®

All you need for simple apps and flows

Most apps that business units need are simple: Gather data through some forms. Send email to people that need to know. Assign a follow-up task to a reviewer or approver. Formvine® handles such needs with ease. Business users get instant access to the data without having to ask IT to run a report or do a database export.

Get it done now. Get it done right.

  • Drag-and-Drop,<br /> Point-and-Click Ease
    point-and-click ease
    If you can use a web browser, you're ready to use Formvine. The intuitive browser-based interface makes assembling forms and configuring flows and data views a breeze.
    Governance and Regulatory Compliance
    Governance and regulatory compliance Behind the scenes, Formvine helps meet governance and regulatory compliance mandates. Transaction logs and audit trails are out-of-the-box features. The administrative report provides insights to the activity, nature, and people involved in all your Formvine projects.
  • Form Fields and Templates
    Form fields and templates Formvine provides ready-to-use fields for gathering common information like email, dates, numbers, names, addresses, URLs, and more. A template library provides complete solutions to common business needs, ready to use or modify.
    Works with your existing systems
    Works with your existing systems Use Formvine’s own user table or your existing directory. Formvine supports ActiveDirectory, third-party SSO, and other systems. Plug into a SQL Server or Oracle, or use the local database that ships with Formvine.
  • Assigned tasks
    Assigned tasks Easily automate the assignment and tracking of tasks, such as approval requests. Route the right task to the right person at the right time.
    Easy Integration
    Easy integration When you want to integrate Formvine with other systems, get it done quickly and easily with the Formvine Web API. Formvine is architected from the ground up to use a service-oriented approach, so all product capabilities can be accessed via a well-defined set of public APIs.
  • Form Flows and Conditional Rules
    Form flows and conditional rules Create branching forms and decision trees that ask customized follow-on questions based on answers to prior questions.
    Enterprise Collaboration
    Enterprise collaboration Formvine works with Nimbus, BusinessWorks, and other collaboration platforms for optimal process orchestration. You can easily embed forms or links to forms in SharePoint, tibbr®, and other portals. With Formvine, enterprise collaboration is easier than ever.
  • Instant mobile and desktop access
    Instant mobile and desktop access Formvine projects are automatically available on mobile and desktop computers. Users everywhere can fill out the projects you create anywhere.
    Regulatory Compliance: Built-in Audit Trail
    Regulatory compliance: built-in audit trail Formvine helps you get it done right by keeping audit trails for every Formvine project, ensuring auditors can get exactly what they need, any time.
  • Instant Self-Service Access to Data
    Instant self-service
    access to data
    Formvine enables you to quickly gather and manage data and create processes. You decide who can view or work with the data you collect.
    Beyond reports
    Beyond reports Formvine results can easily be exported for any purpose, including importing into TIBCO Spotfire®, to provide interactive data analysis and more.
  • Real-time Notifications
    Real-time notifications As people respond to your project, notifications arrive in your inbox. Include people interested in your project by signing them up to receive notifications, too.
    Customizable The look and feel, branding, form fields, and templates can all be tailored to match your company's requirements.
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